Cowboy Blend


Cowboy Blend

RoastDark & Medium Blend

Smokey cocoa and caramel sweet scents waft across a campsite, waking you from a deep slumber under the open sky. What could possibly wake you from a restful sleep beneath the stars - it’s Aveek’s Cowboy Blend burbling as it brews in an old timey percolator over the campfire.

That’s what you’ll be telling folks after you’ve been drinking the classic campfire coffee, Cowboy Blend! If you’re in need of a vacation, this blend will bring you right back to the Wild West with a delightful melding of sweet and comforting cocoa and caramel, followed up with a light touch of vanilla.  You won’t need to make any hard decisions when you spend your mornings with the Cowboy Blend - medium and dark roast coffees come together in harmony for a perfect coupling of sweet and smokey. Pairs well with cowboy boots and chocolate chip cookies.



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