All You Need To Know About Specialty Coffee - From Farming to Your Cup

The specialty coffee industry puts a huge emphasis on excellence, and it is maintained by the people who devote their lives to attaining it. Without the cooperation of everyone involved in the coffee supply chain, quality would be unattainable, and it takes a great deal of effort and focus to ensure it is carried through from beginning to end. Thanks to the hard work of the people in this field, it is possible to purchase specialty coffee anywhere in the world.




The Farmer

The family who owns a specialty coffee farm has likely been involved in the process of producing the best coffee they can for many years. Specialty coffee is made by those dedicated to creating the finest coffee in the world, grown in particular climates and heights and taken care of with great attention before the first harvest. Quality, rather than quantity, is the main focus. The amount does not matter as much as the excellence of the coffee. Only the beans that are free of any imperfections and picked at their optimum maturity will continue to the next stage, where it will be processed. Those buyers that are looking for high-quality coffee will be able to make the most money. By partnering with buyers that prioritize quality, a farmer can support people, families, and communities around the world.



The Specialist

People who have been officially recognized by the Specialty Coffee Association's Coffee Skills Program for their proficiency in the Green Coffee module buy green coffee. Through the cupping process, coffee tasting professionals can measure the standard of coffee by sampling it after brewing. They are capable of awarding the coffee a score and deciding whether it is premium or not, as well as choosing which coffees to offer and creating tasting notes and descriptions for it to be included on the final container. The green coffee acquirer is responsible for passing on information about the coffee to the roaster and cafe staff.



The Roaster

Making specialty coffee beans involves an SCA-certified roaster who has gone through extensive schooling and hands-on practice. Roasting coffee is a multifaceted job that necessitates expert information and skill in order to manufacture high-quality coffee with excellent flavor. As the coffee is being roasted, the roaster needs to keep an eye on it and understand the principles of heat transfer, thermodynamics, and coffee chemistry.



The Barista

Before specialty coffee beans are sold in retail stores, they have gone through three layers of quality checks to ensure they meet the highest of standards. However, the process of maintaining this quality is ongoing. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) trains Baristas in a variety of courses and provides hands-on instruction so they can guarantee the longevity of the specialty bean. Baristas have knowledge of the equipment they use and the source of the beans, and they understand the flavor that can be revealed when brewed. If the beans are not brewed correctly, they may not reach their full flavor potential, so the Barista ensures each one does.



The Consumer 

The lifecycle of specialty coffee beans is concluded by the customer, who seeks out and chooses specialty coffee. You may not have realized it, but you are included on this list. When you look for a specialty coffee shop or roastery that is committed to excellence, or when you put in a bit of extra effort to learn about the people whose labor and effort made your coffee, you are showing not only a preference for a better taste and flavor, but also a preference for a better life for everyone who was involved in the process.

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