What is French Press?

French press is an immersion brewer, where the coffee beans are submerged in hot water. It contains a small built in metal filter, which you plunge once the coffee is brewed.





This brewing method is one of the easiest ways to make
coffee. The coffee is submerged in hot water for the full
brewing time, resulting in a full bodied cup of coffee. It offers
more punch than a pour over . Finally, the use of a metal
filter helps extracts some of the bean’s natural oils, creating
an umami packed and silly cup of coffee.



Electric Kettle • 13g coarsely ground beans • French Press
Scale • Hot water - 93-95 degrees Celsius • Cup



French press is quite forgiving when it comes to grind size,
so don’t worry too heavily about it. Aim for somewhere the
size of breadcrumbs. Once the coffee is brewed, plunge
slowly. Sometimes small coffee grounds will be mixed into
the coffee, which some people like! If you want to avoid it,
plunge as slow as possible and pour into your cup slowly.








Pour hot water into to your french press. This will heat up
the brewer so that
the coffee does
not drop too much
in temperature
while brewing.


Place your 13g of coarsely ground beans into the french press. The grind is
very coarse because the beans will be soaked in the water for a longer time. Too fine a grind
will extract bitterness.


Prepare your timer for 4 minutes. Pour in 100ml of hot water into the french press. Try pour in circles so that all the beans are hit by the water. Wait 1 minute.


After 1 minute, use a spoon and mix gently. This agitation will help all the beans to be soaked in the water and extract more flavour.


After stirring,
immediately pour in
another 100ml of water into the french press.There should now be a total of 200ml water in the french press. Wait for 3 minutes.


While waiting, place the lid on top of the press. Do no push down. This will help keep the coffee warm and not drop
in temperature.


After a total of 4 minutes, slowly plunge down. Do not push all the way to the bottom (around 95%), otherwise too much of the finer grinds will be in your cup of coffee.


After plunging, slowly pour into your cup. You will notice a darker colour than
a hand drip as well as some of the beans’ oil on the surface. Enjoy!