Two coffee addicted lovers, not looking for any roads to recovery. We took our addiction to another level of either insanity or passion, you be the judge! But Aveek Coffee Co. was born and branded out of love and gratitude for the brown bean. Using our love of coffee and the pure joy it gives us on an unforgettable sip.

Why did we create Aveek Coffee Co? The idea and concept started during the pandemic of 2020. Starting our own coffee company gave us the opportunity to spend more time with our family. Investing in a coffee company just made sense.

Coffee has been such an integral part of our lives since we met it's more than just that morning drink that wakes up your mind to function properly instead, it stimulates all sorts of desires, aspirations - even dreams! Through the good and the bad, coffee has been there. And keeping us going, and well fueled.

We wanted something flavorful but also addictive...but in a good way! We call this type of caffeine intake "The good addiction". Coffee should put you in a great mood. You should feel relaxed, less anxious. The smell, taste and aromas are all part of the experience. And that's exactly what we are, Aveek is an experience. One that you must try for yourself.